Thursday, April 10, 2008

Heading to MySQL Users Conference

Coming from Berlin and Hamburg meetups, I am about to board a plane for San Francisco and the MySQL Users Conference. I am looking forward to see a lot of familiar faces from the community and many still unfamiliar ones that I have been contacting in the latest weeks. New colleagues (plenty of them!) new community people, new business partners.
And the conference will also bring some surprises. The ones coming from MySQL will be old news for me (oh, the joy of being an insider!), but a few ones are still exciting because they will be in the making until the very last minute. Much meat will be on the grill. Stay tuned.
The program itself is interesting and charming. I will attend the sessions on my private schedule as a personal treat, enjoying the technology as a kid in a toy store.
And of course I will enjoy my tutorial on MySQL Proxy and the session on MySQL Sandbox. I will treat them as much as possible as hands on sessions. I feel particularly gratified when I can share knowledge with people willing to get it. Thus, being part of an open source community is quite an enjoyable and rewarding experience. If you want to know the latest tricks on MySQL Proxy or Sandbox, come along! When I was preparing the slides and the handouts for the tutorial, I realized that I can't possibly cover everything I know about the subject (yes, it has been a very productive period from June 2007 onward) but I will try to meet the audience desires by focusing on what seem to be the most popular choices.
Busy days, much excitement, many things in the to do list, I will have a tight schedule until April 17, when I will disappear from the radar for a week of vacation.
See you in California!

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