Sunday, December 08, 2013

Submissions at Percona Live Santa Clara 2014 and Lightning talks

The call for participation at Percona Live MySQL Conference and Expo 2014 is now closed. There have been more than 320 submissions, and this will keep the review committee busy for a while.

One important point for everyone who has submitted: if you have submitted a proposal but haven’t included a bio in your account, do it now. If you don’t, your chances of being taken seriously are greatly reduced. To add a bio, go to your account page and fill in the Biography field. Including a picture is not mandatory, but it will be definitely appreciated.

Although the CfP is closed for tutorials and regular sessions, your chances of becoming a celebrity are not over yet. The CfP is still open for Lightning talks and Bird of a Feather sessions.

If you want to submit a lightning talk, you still have time until the end of January. Don’t forget to read the instructions and remember that lightning talks don’t give you a free pass, but a healthy 20% discount.

So far, I have received 16 proposals. Of these, 6 have been rated highly enough to guarantee acceptance (including mine, for which I have not voted.) We still have 6 spots to fill (12 spots in total, 5 minutes each,) and I’d rather fill them with talks that appeal to everyone in the committee, than scrap the barrel of the mediocre ones. My unofficial goal is to have so many good submissions that I will have to withdraw my own talk. Thus, the potential number of available spots is 7. Please kick my talk off stage, by submitting outstanding proposals!

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