Monday, February 07, 2011

Evolution of MySQL metadata

I was looking at the latest MySQL versions, and I happened to notice that there has been a great increment in the number of metadata tables, both in the information_schema and performance_schema databases. So I made a simple count of both schemas in the various versions, and draw a graph. The advance looks straightforward.

5.1.54 with innodb plugin350

The difference between 5.0 and 5.6 is staggering. We came from 17 to 71 metadata total tables. A stacked bar chart helps visualize the changes.

I noticed, BTW, that MySQL 5.0.92, which is not in active support, was released without the binaries for Mac OSX. If this kind of edition is limited to the versions in extended support, that's fine with me. I hope the habit does not contaminate the regular builds.


LinuxJedi said...

What is version 5.8.8?

Giuseppe Maxia said...

version 5.8.8 is a typo. It should be 5.5.8.
Thanks for spotting it.
Fixed now

Brian Aker said...


I continue to be surprised at the changes to INFORMATION_SCHEMA that are being made, I would think that at some point they might want to clearly define out what is standard and what is not.

It is nice to see that PERFORMANCE_SCHEMA was broken out from INFORMATION_SCHEMA.