Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Query Analyzer features integrated in MySQL Sandbox

Community strikes.
It was about time that someone provided a match for MySQL Query Analyzer, the flagship feature of MySQL Enterprise.
Now MySQL Sandbox includes a --query_analyzer option, which will convert your sandboxed server into an analysis machine. No need to buy Enterprise. No need to waste tons of money on expensive consultants.
Just download the latest tarball and install a sandbox as usual, with the additional option.

$ make_sandbox 5.1.32 --query_analyzer

And that's it! Your worries will be over. Enjoy!

Update As it should be clear by now, this was an April's fool joke. See the follow up post for more info.


rpbouman said...


nice work...but how? How does it work? I mean, I assume you are not saying the sandbox's Query Analyzer is based on the same code as the Query Analyzer in the Enterprise product?

Please, elaborate...

Giuseppe Maxia said...

Hi Roland,
I guess you should just try it ...


Baron said...

Giuseppe, very well done! I will be studying how you did this.

I think you and I are in different timezones, now that I think about it.

mm-mysql said...

And to think about all the hours we spent implementing this feature for MEM, and Giuseppe the master mind blew us out of the water. Good show, mate!

Shlomi Noach said...

You guys are killing what's left of my work day!

Ought to put you on stake!

Eric Herman said...

Now I can RETIRE!