Monday, September 26, 2016

PerconaLive Amsterdam 2016 - Talks and shows

With Oracle Open World behind us, we are now getting ready for the next big event, i.e. the European edition of PerconaLive. I am going to be a presenter three times:

  • MySQL operations in Docker is a three-hour tutorial, and it will be an expansion of the talk by the same title presented at OOW. Attendees who want to play along can do it, by coming prepared with Docker 1.11 or later and the following images already pulled (images with [+] are mandatory, while [-] are optional):

    • mysql/mysql-server [+]
    • mysql/mysql-gr [+]
    • mysql [-]
    • percona/percona-server [-]
    • mariadb [-]
    • mysql/shell [-]
    • datacharmer/mysql-minimal-5.5 [-]
    • datacharmer/mysql-minimal-5.6 [-]
    • datacharmer/mysql-minimal-5.7 [-]
    • datacharmer/mysql-minimal-8.0 [-]
    • datacharmer/my-ubuntu [-]
    • datacharmer/my-debian [-]
    • datacharmer/my-centos [-]
  • The fastest customized MySQL deployment ever is a presentation where I show two ways of deploying MySQL on a custom server, with MySQL Sandbox and Docker.

  • The lightning talks will be held during the Community dinner at, diamond sponsor of the conference. If you want to attend, you need to register, and if you want a free ticker for that dinner, there is still ONE SLOT for the lightning talks. Contact me directly with a title and an abstract if you want to be considered for that slot (finding my email is part of the challenge, but it should not be that difficult).

UPDATE: here's the lightning talks program. Percona should eventually add it to the schedule.

  • 19:00: arrival at by boat
  • 19:15: welcoming speech and beginning of the LT
  • 20:00 food buffet opens, LT are not finished yet
  • 20:30: LT are done, buffet still open
  • 21:15: buffet closes

The talks accepted are the following:

  • Jaime Crespo
    dbhell: a tiny Python framework for the administration and monitoring of farms of MySQL servers
  • Federico Razzoli
    How to write slow and buggy stored procedures
  • Art Van Scheppingen
    Simple household rules that keep MySQL running
  • Pavel Tru
    What internal statistics every self-respecting dbms should have!
  • Giuseppe Maxia
    Fastest, smallest, newest: download and deploy MySQL at high speed
  • Ronald Bradford
    An Awe-Inspiring Journey Through the World of Numbers


Jean-François Gagné said...

Giuseppe, where is the lightning talk program ?

Giuseppe Maxia said...

It should be soon in PerconaLive program or so I was told. Either way, I have updated the post with the provisional program.

Jean-François Gagné said...

Thanks Giuseppe, now I can link to it. :-)
See you next week.