Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Percona Live Data Performance Conference 2016 - CFP and Community voting

The call for participation for Percona Live Data Performance Conference 2016 is still open. Deadline for submission is November 29th.

There are two immediately noticeable novelties in this edition:

  • The name change. Not "MySQL & Expo" but "Data Performance Conference." It makes the conference open to a broader set of topics.
  • The community voting. Proposals can get evaluated by the community before the review committee takes decisions.

I think it's a good choice. Other conferences adopt the same method. The attendees choose what they want to see and hear. In this case, it's mixed method, where the community voting is used as an indication for the review committee, which, by my understanding, has the final say.

Vote for my proposals!

Below are my proposals. Clicking on the links below will take you to the conference site, where you can say if you want to see these talks or not. You will need to register (to the site, not yet to the conference) in order to cast votes.

Here is a talk that is in continuous evolution. It discusses the latest advances in replication, and gives an honest evaluation of the features from a new user standpoint. This talk, if accepted, will be updated with the latest novelties in MariaDB and MySQL, if they come out in time for the conference. You can see in my blog six articles covering related matters.
Another tutorial, this one aimed at users of containers who want to get started with this exciting technology. Also for this topic I have written a few articles.
This is a short talk that wants to explain the differences between deployment methods. Standalone physical servers, sandboxes, virtual machines, and containers are choices that require some information to get started. This talk, for which I also wrote an article, wants to show the good and bad of each choice.
This is a lightning talk, which is not about data performance, but it's a geeky topic and I was asked to submit it. So here it is!


Tom Krouper said...

I have to say the whole voting thing rubs me the wrong way. There are a couple big issues I have with it.
1) You have to login to vote. I understand why, but it is just weird and I don't like it. I'm not sure what would be done with the information on who would vote for what, but it just rubs me the wrong way.
and my biggest issue
2) There isn't a way to get a complete list of all the proposed talks and what to vote for. This means new people to the MySQL (or data performance) community will have to work a lot harder to get votes. If I don't follow someone on Twitter, I'm not going to know that they put in a proposal. There was no #PLCFPVote hashtag to make it to easy to search for even. If Percona created a complete list of proposed talks so people could go in and vote for everything, I think this would be much better.

Giuseppe Maxia said...

I think point #1 is inevitable. Without it, the vote rigging would be too easy. You would need to register if you want to attend the conference, so Percona will end up having your data anyway. And it stands to reason that you want to vote if you also want to attend the conference. I am not worried about what Percona does with my voting, I have been a member of the conference committee for many years and I haven't seen any improper use of the voting data.
For point #2, I share your feeling, and I have asked for a complete list. I haven't had an answer yet.