Monday, October 05, 2015

MySQL-Sandbox 3.1.01 - First release after the change

I have released MySQL-Sandbox 3.1.01, which is the first release after the move to GitHub. While the changes are not so spectacular (it's a minor release, with mostly bug fixes), I am pleased to see that the move has started producing collaboration. Two of the changes were provided by Daniƫl van Eeden and Mark Leith, who have scratched some of their own itches by providing useful patches.

All in all, this period of working with GitHub has been liberating. Although Bazaar plays with the same principles of git, it lacks most of the tools and the know-how which characterizes git. Add to this that also my team has moved Tungsten Replicator to Github, and with that I found myself all of a sudden free of old revision control systems, and master of my own time.

Back to MySQL-Sandbox: while its enhancements may not amount to much, it helped me to discover several bugs in MySQL, some of which were addressed and solved quickly. So, I have had a deeper relationship with the community, with the experience of being at both ends of the collaboration ops.

The last notable piece of news about this release is that it has been tested with the latest and greatest available: a preview of MySQL 5.7.9 and the latest MariaDB 10.1.6. With this, I hope to witness a GA release of either flavor that does not break MySQL-Sandbox. We'll see!

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