Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Speaking at the MySQL NoSQL & Cloud Conference & Expo in Buenos Aires

I am on my way to Argentina, where I will be speaking at the MySQL NoSQL & Cloud Conference & Expo.

I have two talks: one on my pet project MySQL Sandbox and one on replication between MySQL and MongoDB (using another project dear to me, Tungsten Replicator.

It’s my first visit to Argentina and I will try to look around a bit before the conference. And I look forward to see many ex colleagues and well known speakers at the conference. The lineup includes speakers from Percona, EffectiveMySQL, PalominoDB, MariaDB, SkySQL, Tokutek, and OpenStack.

I am looking forward to this trip. My presentation on MongoDB replication is a first for me, and I am always pleased when I can break new ground. I have the feeling that the networking is going to be more exciting than the sessions.

If you are in Buenos Aires, come to the conference and say hi!


Unknown said...

Hi! I'm very excited for this conference. I'm from Argentina, but not from Buenos Aires. I travel tomorrow with my work mates. Sorry for not be present in the session of "Replication between MySQL and MongoDB".

Tiago said...

It is a great city for tourist. I lived in some apartments in buenos aires from 95 to 98 and I have the best memories for those times. I recommend you going to the Tigre or San Isidro, there are my favorites places there.