Friday, December 02, 2011

Call for participation for MySQL events - MySQL conference and FOSDEM

It's that time of the year where MySQL would be speakers are called to action. As usual, the main event is the MySQL spring conference, this year hosted by Percona. The call for participation to the MySQL Conference And Expo 2012 is still open until December 5th. To submit a proposal, you should register as a speaker and then fill in the form.
There is a conference committee which is already busy evaluating the proposals that have been submitted so far. The committee is demanding (I know for a fact, since I am in it!) and therefore, if you want to submit something, be very critical with yourself and polish your proposal as if your job depended on it!
Please read an update on Percona Live MySQL Conference & Expo 2012.

Speakers in Europe have some more duty, though. This is also the time to submit talks for FOSDEM MySQL DevRoom. Thanks to Frédéric Descamps and Sergey Petrunia, we have Room H.1309 with 150 seats on Sunday 5th February 2012, all day. The deadline to submit a talk proposal is December 26th. There is no review committee. Like we did on past editions, as soon as the talks are submitted, we will ask everyone to vote on the talks via Twitter or email. More updates will come soon. Of course, participation to FOSDEM DevRoom is not limited to European speakers. There have been several brave speakers who have willingly crossed the pond to offer their services at European conferences before, and they are welcome to repeat the experience. Submit your talk proposals now.

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