Monday, May 02, 2011

Introducing the Flying Clusters, and more than MySQL replication

Flying Clusters My Colleague Linas Virbalas has just crossed the boundary between real and virtual and has started a blog, titled Flying Clusters.
Linas is a gifted developer who is taking care of the special projects. One of such projects is replication between MySQL and PostgreSQL, which works quite well.
Another project, which has just started, is about providing PostgreSQL with Advanced Logical Replication using Tungsten replicator. As you probably know, recent versions of PostgreSQL can do physical replication, which has its pros and cons. With this project, PostgreSQL users can also have the choice of using logical replication. Not only that: since Tungsten Replicator already supports MySQL, cross-DBMS replication clusters are not far away.
We are also more ambitious, and we are exploring ways of replicating to NoSQL entities. We will start with MongoDB at a dedicated SQL to NoSQL Replication Hackathon, where we will attempt the creation of n applier for MongoDB during the Open Database Camp conference.

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