Friday, June 25, 2010

Quick start guides: MySQL cluster in 10 minutes

MySQL Cluster quick start guide Scared of MySQL Cluster?
Don't be. You may want to try the quick start guides that are available in the Cluster downloads page.
These guides are a step-by-step instructions set to create a simple cluster in one host.
Following the instructions, you will be able to shape up all the cluster components in 10 minutes or less. This will be far from production ready, of course, but it shows that cluster is not rocket science, and anyone can get started with it with a minimal time investment.
I tried the Linux instructions on my Mac, and it worked without need for any changes. Things may be different when you deploy a real set of servers on separate hosts, but it's a good start.
If I compare this guide with my first experience with MySQL Cluster in 2004, usability and stability have increased enormously.

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