Sunday, May 30, 2010

MySQL Sandbox now with plugins, more tests, instrumentation

MySQL SandboxThe latest release of MySQL Sandbox, 3.0.12, has integrated plugin installation features, as mentioned in my previous post.
Not only that. This version has also more tests, fixes a couple of bugs, and introduces basic instrumentation. Now each script released with MySQL Sandbox, and every one that the Sandbox itself installs, can leave a trail in a file.

Let's start with the plugin. The documentation has been updated to cover this new feature. And 27 new tests give me some confidence that it should work as advertised.
While I was waiting for the test suite to finish its 238 tests, I was wondering how much was going on under the hood. So I spent one hour implementing some basic instrumentation, not only in the make_* scripts, but also in every script that the sandbox installs. The code is quite modular, and adding this feature was easy.
Now, if you want to use this instrumentation, you need to create a file, and set the operating system variable $SBINSTR to the full path of that file prior to using the Sandbox. Then, every script will leave an entry in that file, saying its name, the current time, and which parameters was using.
This is what I got after running the test suite. 66 instances of MySQL installed to perform over 200 tests, in about 18 minutes.

MySQL Sandbox scriptscalls
make_sandbox 66
low_level_make_sandbox 66
make_replication_sandbox 8
make_multiple_sandbox 7
make_multiple_custom_sandbox 2
Installed scriptscalls
use 440
stop 192
start 128
clear 56
sandbox_action 56
sbtool 34
stop_all 30
use_all 20
clear_all 13
start_all 12
send_kill 11
restart 9
initialize_slaves 8
restart_all 4
change_paths 2
change_ports 1
total 1165

The new release is available from Launchpad or directly from the CPAN

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