Friday, December 04, 2009

Gearman: distributed computing and Codebits pictures


The first Codebits> day lasted until long past midnight. So the attendees were a bit sleepy today, but they were brave and got up early enough for my session.
The presentation covered the basics of Gearman, some advanced magic to install remote MySQL servers, and more magic to enable MySQL users to shoot themselves in the foot repeatedly by combining a gearman/MySQL UDF and some clever scripts.
As usual, the slides are available on slideshare.
Some pictures from codebits 2009 are on Flickr.

Codebits 2009 - worshiping technology
Worshiping Technology.
Codebits 2009
Cool technology to worship.

Codebits 2009 - José, the mastermind
José, the mastermind

Codebits 2009 - Josette, the culture provider
Josette, the culture provider

Codebits 2009 - Gonçalo
Gonçalo, the friendly face who met me at the airport
Codebits 2009 - Pedro Moura Pinheiro
Pedro, magnificent guide of town and technology.

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