Wednesday, July 22, 2009

OpenSQLCamp democracy

OpenSQLCAmp voting

We have seen this before. Actually, we got the idea from Drupal, where talk proposals are public, and the most voted ones get in the schedule. Nonetheless, it's a pleasure to see that a transparent voting system is accepted and used.

The OpenSQLCamp 2009 European edition, is under scrutiny. There are 27 session proposals, from which we will need to get 12 in the schedule.
The open voting is done via Twitter or the mailing list.
I have a good feeling about it. Since I am proposing a public talk, I must be prepared for public scrutiny. It's only fair that my proposal is evaluated by the same audience that will later decide to come see my presentation. It's an incentive to write a clear and compelling proposal. I can't get away with "I am well known. I will say something about replication."
If you are attending OpenSQLCamp at FrOSCon, let us know what you would like to see. Let the best proposals win.

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