Thursday, October 30, 2008

MySQL University - Quick and easy testing with MySQL Sandbox

MySQL University

As announced by Stefan Hinz, our tireless documentation leader, we are using a new system for MySQL University.
With DimDim, we can have more fluid and interactive presentations. Unlike the previous homegrown system, you don't need to download the slides, which will be shown to you by the presenter. There is no sound delay, and attendees can interact with the presentation by (integrated) chat and by graphical tools.

Today, October 30, 2008, at 15:00 CET, I will present a session on Quick and easy testing with MySQL Sandbox.
There may be some compatibility problems, depending on your browser and OS of choice. So, please join the presentation a few minutes earlier.
The session will be open at 14:45 CET [Rome] (13:45 UTC [London], 09:45 EDT [New York]).

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