Thursday, January 10, 2008

World tour - step one

I am about to embark for my longest trip ever.
I will board a plane on Saturday in my hometown in Sardinia, Italy, heading to Munich. A comfortable two hours flight, to be ended with a business meeting and a traditional Munich dinner, both provided by Kaj Arnö.
The easy part of the trip ends here. From Munich, I will go to Orlando, USA, to the Company Meeting.
After the meeting, a short stopover in Los Angeles, and then the loooong jump to Sydney, which I will be wisiting for the first time. And another first time will be in Melbourne, a few days later, where I will attend the Linux Conf Au, and also present a session about MySQL Proxy during the MySQL MiniConf.

That is not the end of it, of course. I will be just half world away from home. Then I will go to Singapore for a vacation, and then back th Europe.

More travel news to come in the next days!

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