Friday, October 26, 2007

Speaking at the OpenFest - Sofia

I was invited to talk at the OpenFest in Sofia, Bulgaria, and I gladly accepted.
Despite having worked four years in Balkan states, I have never been to Sofia before, and I welcome the chance.
I will present a session about Getting started with MySQL Proxy. The Proxy has advanced a lot since I wrote the getting started article, not only in terms of development (it has!) but also in terms of acceptance and experimentation.
I will show some consolidated usage, and some magic, which is good for advertising.
Since this is my first visit to Bulgaria, I got to learn some words of the local language. And since I was at it, I taught some to the Proxy as well.
I won't anticipate anything, but the Proxy interacts politely in half a dozen languages now. If you are near Sofia, come and see!