Monday, September 25, 2006

Riding the Dolphin

I have been a consultant for long time. It is an interesting job, which has given me much satisfaction. The coolest part of the job is the inner pleasure you feel when you solve a difficult problem in a few minutes, earning a reputation for being a wizard.
The negative part of the job is being alone. As a consultant, you are supposed to know everything, and as such you don't have anybody to talk with when you have doubts (and if you are really good you must have doubts from time to time). Well, this condition makes you stronger, and improves your confidence, but your interaction with your co-workers is quite weak.
So I decided to try a new career for a change, and to cash on my experience and knowledge of databases in general and MySQL in particular. And which position should be more suitable than one at MySQL AB itself?
I applied for a couple of jobs at MySQL, got two offers, chose the one that appealed me the most, and here I am. Today I joined the MySQL Quality Assurance department, while turning to a minimum my involvement with my consulting company.
From now on, I'll write a lot about testing and quality assurance. I have talked about testing in the past, but only as a matter of personal taste when developing. Now it's time to involve the community in the testing and QA process. More about this later.
In the meantime, I take a break from consulting and start the new job.


The Evil System Administrator said...

Congratulations on the new position Giuseppe! I enjoyed my time at MySQL AB and I'm sure you will too.

Mike Hillyer

Markus Popp said...

Welcome on board Giuseppe and all the best for your new job :-)!


Frank said...

Hey Giuseppe,

Congratulations on your new job. I am very excited for you.


Mike Kruckenberg said...

Awesome, hope this doesn't influence your candid remarks about MySQl, how I love them and believe they are important for MySQL to get better.

So they got Markus, Roland, and you . . . Beat must be following closely behind.