Monday, February 13, 2006

Workshop on MySQL 5, Milan, March 2006

My company is organizing a workshop on MySQL 5.
It will be held in Milan, on March 24th, and it will cover the following:
  • MySQL 5 main new features (stored procedures, information schema,triggers, storage engines, dynamic SQL);
  • The MySQL 5 general purpose routine library;
  • New features in upcoming 5.1 (plug-in engines, XML support, partitioning, event handling);
  • Replication in MySQL 5 (some multiple master tricks and how to use storage engines as complement to replication);
  • Technical questions parade. Each subscriber can submit one technical question, which will get an answer during the workshop.
The workshop is in Italian. English speakers who wish to attend (or to organize a similar event in English) can contact me at one of my company addresses.

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