Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Data on demand for data warehouses

Here is a presentation given at the Open Source Database Conference on November 8, 2005.


Data on Demand is a paradigm of storing data for a data warehouse with huge storage requirements. There are cases where creating statistical tables is not enough, and the detail data should be kept online for long periods. This technique has been applied in cases of MySQL DW associated with industrial production control, saving up to 80% storage space and improving performance and scalability.

Available presentation material:

* open document (OpenOffice 2) [1.3 MB]

* portable document format (pdf) [2.0 MB]

* openoffice 1.1 [1.3 MB]

* powerpoint [1.2 MB]

* HTML (S5 format) + source code [736 KB]

* on-line browsable presentation (s5 format)

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